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By Michelle Gunderson

Does your child play at school?  Do you know?


​By Maria Konnikova 

What did/will you do?

I recently put my endgame goals on "paper".  When I am king, this will be the US education landscape:

-US education must be socialistic.  We live in a global society.  There must be equity across the country.  We are no longer a nation segregated by farmland and cities.  Technological progress has compressed  our nation making infinite accessibility possible.  Local or regional education is unnecessary, even obsolete.

-Teachers would be required to have a semester internship in a field outside of education before earning a Bachelor’s Degree.

-A Master’s Degree in an Education field would be required within the first 3 years of teaching.

-Before being eligible for an administrative role (AP, Principal, Superintendent, and state educational posts), one must be an in-class teacher for a minimum of 5 years.  The decision-making process will then be in the hands of true educators and education professionals.

-Standardized tests will be limited to a sampling demographic representing each state and the country as a whole in grades 4 and 8 only. 

-All Arts (music, art class) will be available to students within the school day, not as extracurricular.

​Jason Kupferschmid

Is Your Child Getting a Good Writing Education? Four Questions to Ask Your Child
By Ken Lindblom
A good discussion exercise with your student.

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Lively Minds: Distinctions between academic versus intellectual goals for young children​
By Lilian G. Katz, PhD

Dr. Katz addresses the question of formal educaton and its timing.  When do you start your child in school?

Elementary PARCC Testing: Stand Up For Your Children

​By Scott William Foley

"...the State would be required to take one of the following actions for a school that misses the 95 percent participation requirement for all students or one or more student subgroups: (1) assign a lower summative rating to the school, described in proposed §200.18; (2) assign the lowest performance level on the State’s Academic Achievement indicator, described in proposed §§200.14 and 200.18; (3) identify the school for targeted support and improvement under proposed §200.19(b)(1); or (4) another equally rigorous State-determined action, as described in its State plan, that will result in a similar outcome for the school in the system of annual meaningful differentiation under proposed §200.18 and will lead to improvements in the school’s assessment participation rate so that it meets the 95 percent participation requirement. Proposed §200.15(c)(1) would further require schools that miss the 95 percent participation rate for all students or for one or more subgroups of students to develop and implement improvement plans that address the reason or reasons for low participation in the school and include interventions to improve participation rates in subsequent years..."  USDOE proposed regulations via the ESSA 

Why aren't more people/parents questioning the logic of the required 95% participation rate for state tests?  Why aren't school districts questioning it?  The number is arbitrary.  It is set near 100% because that equals more $$$$.  It has NOTHING to do with school accountability!  Wake up!  The new ESSA will be much less lenient on schools with opt out families.  This means the schools will have to use harsher tactics to get tests taken.  It's a slippery slope and most are following blindly. 

Jason Kupferschmid