What 'A Nation At Risk' Got Wrong, And Right, About U.S. Schools
​By Anya Kamenetz

​The world of public education was turned upside down when "A Nation at Risk" was published.  Was it misguided change?  Kamenetz takes a deep dive into the education climate created.

RABBLE ROUSER: A lesson in opting out of PARCC

By Jeremy Knoll

Knoll argues that standardized testing is unnecessary.​

Why Some Black Leaders Aren’t Down With Opting Out of Standardized Testing

​By Joseph Williams

The veteran journalist points out some minority groups are not fully buying into the 'opt out' movement.

A state embraces the idea that not everyone needs to go to college

Felton finds Kentucky to be one of just a few states that distinguishes a difference between college-ready and career-ready.

Not just reading and math: Education Secretary to call for return to a ‘well-rounded education’

​By Emma Brown

I think this is what we, "White Suburban Moms", have been saying all along.

Senate scraps Obama regulations on school accountability

​By Emma Brown

Ultimately, the Trump Administration wants to return control of education to the states.


8 Reasons To Opt Out

By Peter Greene

It's testing season.  Here's your review on opting out.

Education Can’t Fix Poverty. So Why Keep Insisting that It Can?

By Jennifer Berkshire

Berkshire interviews Harvey Kantor as they discuss the mistakes made using education as the fix for poverty.

Opt Out


​Education Law Center

The impact of the Opt Out movement.

PARCC Released Items
Parcc releases 800+ test items.  And your time!

National School Spending Inches Up to $623 Billion, Says Recent Federal Data

​​By Andrew Ujifusa

​​The disparity of funding in our country's school districts most certainly has a heavy hand in the inequalities of our education system.  Simply put, the "haves" and the "have-nots".


Enlightening Links

Why We Opt-Out: CT Black & Latino Parents Discuss SBAC

​By Laurel Killough

It's not just white, suburban moms opting their kids out of high-stakes testing, as Killough explores.

Diane Ravitch to Obama: ‘I will never understand why you decided to align your education policy with that of George W. Bush’
By Valerie Strauss
A current interview with Dr. Ravitch touching on her book revision, national standards, and other hot topics of U.S. education.

Is Education Becoming Too Political?
By Marisa Gomez
A current political science major, Ms. Gomez discusses the failure of standardization and federal control over public education. ​

ESSA: Regulatory Baloney
​By Peter Greene

​"At the end of the day, King's USED is more interested in making students take the test than in actually knowing how the students are doing."  Greene points out some less desirable points of the ESSA, which appears to be a slight improvement of NCLB.

By Kavips

Unedited PARCC 4th grade LA test questions.