Ed Post is Really RIEF.  Time to Take a Closer Look at RIEF's Board.
By Mercedes Schneider
The teacher, ed researcher, and ed author takes an in-depth look at the makeup of the Results In Education Foundation, the financial backer of corporate reform communications vehicle, Education Post.

Good Schools, Bad Schools:  More Codes That Blind
By P. L. Thomas, EdD

Thomas, Professor of Education at Furman University, Greenville SC, takes a look at the dichotomy of "good schools" and "bad schools".  He highlights the inequalities of resources for schools that may just be a town away and the frustration of reformers continuing to make the same mistakes to try to rectify the problem.

Charter Schools (Choice)

Why Music Must Be Part of School Experiences: A Personal Reflection
By Mark Naison

"...​we need music in our schools. Music to listen to, to sing, to learn to play and perform. Music is not just an art; it is not just a window to appreciating beauty, it is an emotional life line to young people in trouble."



School vouchers are not a proven strategy for improving student achievement

​By Martin Carnoy

Study shows evidence that vouchers may not improve results in schools.


Stop "Defending" Music

By Peter Greene

Greene says we should stop defending music in education.  "Defend it because music is awesome in ways that no other field is awesome."  He emphasizes,  "A school without music is less whole, less human, less valuable, less complete."



PARCC Released Items
Parcc releases 800+ test items.  And your time starts....now!


By Kavips

Unedited PARCC 4th grade LA test questions.


Music Education and Advocacy

By David Elliott

Dr. Elliott, of New York University’s Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions, claims, "long before I started to read advocacy statements and scholarly discussions about the natures and values of music, music education, and community music, I experienced over and over again—in my childhood and adolescent years—the creative and emotional powers of music through active music making and music listening. This probably holds true for many people, including most music educators and community musicians."


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