Standardized Testing Creates Captive Markets

By Steven Singer

​ "Our children have BECOME widgets, hostage consumers, and access to them is being bought and sold."  Singer discusses the big business of education materials and testing in our public school systems.

Alice in PARCCland: Does ‘validity study’ really prove the Common Core test is valid?
By Valerie Strauss

With the help of William Mathis, a closer look at the validity study of PARCC reveals questionable results.

Democracy and National Education Standards

By Nicholas Tampio

Tampio argues that national standards is not the best strategy for education in a democratic society.  He bases most of his argument on the studies of Dewey.

Do Tests Improve Learning?  Poor Families Think So -- More Than Wealthier Ones

By Emmeline Zhao

Zhao examines the demographics of proponents and opponents of high-stakes testing.

Should you trust a computer to grade your child’s writing on Common Core tests?
By Valerie Strauss

​​“According to professor of theory of knowledge Leon Trotsky, privacy is the most fundamental report of humankind. Radiation on advocates to an orator transmits gamma rays of parsimony to implode.’’ This computer-generated answer received a high score from an automated scoring system. Les Perelman, retired director of  a  writing program at MIT and an expert on computer scoring claims, "...Given that almost all the scores were 0’s or 1’s, someone could obtain to close the same reliability simply by giving a 0 tothe very short essays and flipping  a coin for the rest”


The PARCC Test: Exposed [excerpts deleted under legal threat from Parcc]

By Anonymous Educator (posted by Celia Oyler,  professor in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching at Teachers College, Columbia University

This is the blog everyone's talking about!

The Long Arm of the PARCC?
By Daniel Katz, Ph.D

Dr. Katz, chair of the Department of Educational Studies at Seton Hall University, critiques, in detail, the stronghold PARCC has on the copyright privileges of its test questions.  Again, it appears money is the driver.

Much Ado about Grit: A Meta-Analytic Synthesis of the Grit Literature

​By Marcus Credé, Michael C. Tynan, Peter D. Harms

Test of Grit:  Coming to a school district near you.

Bill Gates Has Not Yet Issued Any Common Core Grants in 2016
By Mercedes Schneider

The teacher, researcher, and author surmises that Bill Gates may be losing interest in funding CCSS.  She details the history of his funding which shows a sudden gap.

Study: Colleges That Ditch The SAT And ACT Can Enhance Diversity
By Claudio Sanchez
Are SAT/ACT tests necessary for colleges to assess a perspective student's post-secondary performance?  This piece by Sanchez reveals more colleges are offering a "test optional" path for students.  Over 1,000 colleges and universities are  taking part in the change.  George Washington University is highlighted.

Much Ado about Grit: A Meta-Analytic Synthesis of the Grit Literature

​By Marcus Credé, Michael C. Tynan, Peter D. Harms

Test of Grit:  Coming to a school district near you.


Former College Board Exec: New SAT Hastily Thrown Together; Students: March SAT Recycled in June
By Mercedes Schneider

Schneider cites posts from Manuel Alfaro, former executive director with the College Board, who claims several questionable actions made by David Coleman and the College Board.

Now some schools are testing kids for their ‘grit’ and ‘joy’ levels. Really.

By Valerie Strauss

Some believe grit can be taught, measured, and tested.  So guess what the next testing craze will be.  You got it.  Grit.  Test piloting being done this year in California.

Enlightening Links

When Testing Takes OverAn expert's lens on the failure of high-stakes accountability tests — and what we can do to change course
By Bari Walsh

"Time and time again, policymakers have made up programs they think will work and have then imposed them wholesale on schools without first trying them out."

Dear Edujournalists: Listen, Learn
By P. L. Thomas

Thomas assigns "grit" to the same category as the" 10,000 hour" rule while criticizing edujournalists.

The SAT-- Worse Than You Think
By Peter Greene

Greene discusses the unraveling mess that it appears David Coleman has made the SAT.

Metaphors, Frames, and Fact (Checks) about the Common Core
By Anne Whitney and Patrick Shannon​

​​"Two former K-12 teachers—Anne Whitney and Patrick Shannon, now professors at Penn State—critically examine some of the metaphors that advocates have used to frame debates over the Common Core State Standards and their origins, drawing on a range of research to critique the assumptions that underlie these framings."

Predicting Middle Level State Standardized Test Results Using Family and Community Demographic Data
By Christopher H. Tienken, Anthony Colella, Christian Angelillo, Meredith Fox, Kevin R. McCahill & Adam Wolfe

Using just three US Census demographic variables, (a) percentage of families in a community with income over $200,000 a year, (b) percentage of people in a community in poverty, and (c) percentage of people in a community with bachelor’s degrees, predicted results accurately in 14/18 of the models.

The Orphaned Subjects of Common Core
By Alex Thomas

"One question looming large is what happens now to the flute lessons, theater presentations, world history, penmanship, and other subjects that have been abandoned in the name of emphasizing math, science, and English to the detriment of everything else? How does their continued absence affect the education landscape and our culture in general?"

Common Core

Success Academy documents point to 'Possible Cheating' Among Challenges

By Eliza Shapiro, Politico New York

​Shapiro reports SA CEO hire finds some teachers may be cheating to achieve better scores on high-stakes testing​. your paragraph here.

An Open Letter to PARCC CEO Laura Slover
By Mercedes Schneider

Schneider takes off the kid gloves and asks PARCC CEO Laura Slover to answer poignant questions regarding her most recent assertions of individuals causing “future threat” to “assessment utility” of the test questions.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, HBO

This post is a year old.  But it's still funny and relevant.  Apologies for any vulgar language, it's HBO.

Norms vs. Standards
By Peter Greene

A nice breakdown of test categories, norm-referenced v standards-referenced, for those new to the scene.

The NAEP proficiency myth

By Tom Lawless

The former sixth-grade teacher and Harvard policy professor, works to clarify the untruths of the perpetuated myths of the NAEP proficiency meaning.  It also highlights the importance of understanding the source for information used to make opinions.

In May 2016, EdWeek Features PARCC Study Originally Published 7 Months Ago

By Mercedes Schneider

I'm not sure PARCC understood the study.  If they did, they probably wouldn't have used it to sell the validity and quality of their product.  Schneider breaks it down for us.

Now some schools are testing kids for their ‘grit’ and ‘joy’ levels. Really.

By Valerie Strauss

Some believe grit can be taught, measured, and tested.  So guess what the next testing craze will be.  You got it.  Grit.  Test piloting being done this year in California.

Ed Bloggers Take On PARCC Test, Defying Intimidation Efforts​
By Anthony Cody

NPE founding member, Cody, assembles the strong statements  of fellow education bloggers regarding PARCC's latest attempt of silencing citizens' voices.​

Common Core isn’t preparing students very well for college or career, new report says

By Valerie Strauss

Is it possible that CCSS aren't doing what they are purported to do?

Time to Admit the Obvious: Common Core Has Failed Spectacularly

By Jane Robbins

On the heals of newly announced low NAEP scores, the attorney and senior fellow with the American Principles Project, discusses evidence showing a failing CCSS.

By Kavips

Unedited PARCC 4th grade LA test questions.

The First Rule of Test Club is We Don’t Talk About Test Club​

By Steven Singer

The teacher  and education advocate questions how educators and experts can give their critique of a test that they aren't allowed to view.

Want To Understand Your Child's Test Scores? Here's What To Ignore

By Matthew Lynch

Does your child's test results show a Student Growth Percentile?  Should it?

PARCC Released Items
Parcc releases 800+ test items.  And your time!

Cultural Literacy Creator Carries On Campaign

​By Liana Heitin

"The people who developed the common core had a choice. Either [the standards] were going to be educationally correct or they were going to be politically viable.  They chose the second." E.D. Hirsch, Jr. - educator and academic literary critic.;jsessionid=697833FA9ECB25B886974140E2ED4D72.vincent2?rssid=25919831&