Educatoof             the  Month

August 2016

Mr. Joshua Flood

Mr. Joshua Flood  has been named Not Just a Parent  'Educator of the Month' for August 2016.   Mr. Flood most recently taught World History for Adlai E. Stevenson High School District 125 Summer school in Lincolnshire, IL.  Students who nominated him had this to say:

"Mr. Flood made summer school super fun and entertaining. He made world history relatable and fascinating and had the whole class laughing everyday. He also made sure that each student was recognized and appreciated."

"He is an amazing teacher who engaged his students and made school very interesting."

"As an incoming Freshman, high school was pretty scary.  But Mr. Flood welcomed everyone as if we had been students for years."

Mr. Flood will be teaching at Prairie Crossing Charter School in Grayslake, IL this fall.  Continue to make students feel appreciated and excited about learning, Mr. Flood!

May 2016

Mr. Benjamin Tatar

April 2018

Mr. Benjamin Tatar has been named Not Just a Parent  'Educator of the Month' for July 2016.   Ben is the Music teacher at Kildeer Countryside Elementary School, District 96 in Long Grove, Illinois.  The District 96 family who nominated Ben had this to say about him:

Students - "He makes learning a lot of fun! He never gives up on you and always encourages you to keep going as long as you are trying your best. He is funny. He writes his own awesome songs."

Parent- "I would say he relates well with the kids and makes learning music fun. He is passionate about bringing music and music appreciation to the 
kids. He is patient and encouraging. He does an amazing job with putting on a musical show for every grade each year and this is highlight for most, if not all, Kildeer students and parents!"

Congratulations, Mr. Tatar!  Continue inspiring your students and instilling a love of music in them!

Mr. Jeremy Anderson

June 2016

Mrs. Brooke Lancaster

July 2016

Mrs. Herlihy has been named the first Not Just a Parent 'Educator of the Month'.  She is currently a 5th Grade teacher at Kildeer Countryside Elementary School in Long Grove, IL.  A former student  nominated her and states, "Mrs. Herlihy inspired me to work hard and have fun.  She has a great relationship with all of her students and encourages them to set goals and try new things." Congratulations, Mrs. Herlihy!  Keep on inspiring students!

"Connecting with kids and empowering them to believe they can 'take on the world' (whatever that is for each child) is truly what matters most." - Joan Herlihy

Mrs. Lancaster has been named Not Just a Parent  'Educator of the Month' for June 2016.  Brooke Lancaster teaches 5th grade Language Art and Social Studies at Mark Bills Middle School, an International Baccalaureate School for Peoria Public School District  in Peoria, Illinois.  Her peer that nominated her states:  "Brooke is phenomenal in her teaching skills and ability to sweep up all of her students with her enthusiasm. She connects with them academically as well as socially, instilling in them integrity and perseverance. The level of growth for each student is amazing in the one short year that they are under her watchful care. She brought the 'living museum' to Mark Bills, which gave the students the opportunity to thoroughly research a historical figure and then portray them as parents and community visited their exhibits. She also encouraged community involvement, as each year, her class chose at least one cause to support financially as well as raising community awareness. Brooke prepares students to be successful personally and academically. Her students' character and growth are notable among their peers."

Congratulations, Mrs. Lancaster!  Continue to make a difference!

Mrs. Joan Herlihy

Mr. Jeremy Anderson has been named Not Just a Parent "Educator of the Month" for April 2018.  Mr. Anderson is a Physical Education teacher at Freedom Elementary in Plainfield, IL.  He's most recently been awarded Teacher of the Year at Freedom.

Mr. Anderson