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Democracy and National Education Standards
By Nicholas Tampio

Tampio argues that national standards is not the best strategy for education in a democratic society.  He bases most of his argument on the studies of Dewey.

Have a voice in your child's education

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Is personalized learning just getting students more tech time?

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Post of an Ed Reform proponent followed by our rebuttle

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New York School Superintendents: What Side Are You On?
Michael Hynes

Superintendent Hynes addresses his fellow NYS superintendents on the matter of the importance of standardized testing.  It should be addressed to ALL US superintendents.

RABBLE ROUSER: A lesson in opting out of PARCC
By Jeremy Knoll

Knoll argues that standardized testing is unnecessary.​

Teachers Don’t Want All Of This Useless Data

​By Steven Singer

​A perspective from a teacher that argues the overuse and over-reliance of data in education.

Mr. Josh Flood

What's new in the school nurse's office?


Predicting Middle Level State Standardized Test Results Using Family and Community Demographic Data

​By Christopher H. Tienken, Anthony Colella, Christian Angelillo, Meredith Fox, Kevin R. McCahill & Adam Wolfe

Using just three US Census demographic variables, (a) percentage of families in a community with income over $200,000 a year, (b) percentage of people in a community in poverty, and (c) percentage of people in a community with bachelor’s degrees, predicted results accurately in 14/18 of the models.

Ask the Cognitive Scientist
"Grit” Is Trendy, but Can It Be Taught?

By Daniel T. Willingham

"Grit is definitely real, scientifically, meaning researchers are finding it a useful construct for understanding human behavior."

Help Our Educators See the Forest for the Trees

​​​The Orphaned Subjects of Common Core
By Alex Thomas

"One question looming large is what happens now to the flute lessons, theater presentations, world history, penmanship, and other subjects that have been abandoned in the name of emphasizing math, science, and English to the detriment of everything else? How does their continued absence affect the education landscape and our culture in general?"